Best Electronic Paintball Guns

Best Electronic Paintball Guns

As we think, say, and believe that time changes and produces everything in an advanced, unique, and effective way. Whether it’s about our general stuff, everyday things, or anything specific, let’s quickly come back to the point instead of dragging this further. As you guys have seen the title and by the name of the title, you guys are clear that my today’s article is all about the Best Electronic Paintball Guns.

The reason for considering this electric paintball gun topic is to aware and clear the doubts of the readers and viewers, which they mistakenly do during the time of buying. There was a time when the paintball markers were considered, but thanks to the enhancement and advancement of technology that introduced us to the Best Electronic Paintball Guns, also known as the electronic paintball guns. So, the fluctuations can happen in the future as they’re directly proportional according to customer satisfaction, demand, and reviews.

Top 7 Electronic Paintball Guns

Image Product Feature Price
Top Product
The planet Eclipse 2 ETHA
Low profile designs| Speedball gear-up scenarios| Gamma core technology. Check On Amazon
Best One
Planet Eclipse Gtek
Effortless ball sails| Minimal barrel rise| Quite shot. Check On Amazon
Stryker Xr1 Tippmann Paintball Marker
Impressive break beam eye system| Powerful boost and anti-chop| Aesthetic and high level of realism feature Check On Amazon
Mini Empire Paintball Gs Gun
User-friendly adjustments| Selective and individual firing modes| Rubber-fore grip Check On Amazon
Syx Empire Paintball Marker
7.5-inch control bore| Easily removable battery bolts so, there isn’t any need for tools effort Check On Amazon
Axe Paintball Empire Marker Gun
No need to worry about carrying tools during your game as it allows you easy maintenance feature| a vast range of firing modes| Check On Amazon
M2 Dye Paintball Marker
Comes up with the standout feature of joystick controlling| Includes ultra-lite barrel backs Check On Amazon

1. The planet Eclipse 2 ETHA (Ideal and Demanded Paintball Gun)

The planet Eclipse 2 ETHA
The planet Eclipse 2 ETHA

The beauty, or you can say the thing that makes this gun unique and different from others, is its new and advanced level of aesthetics features; despite this, this gun also comes up with an improved level of operating functions, so the user can efficiently operate and handle this gun instead of any difficulty or hurdle.

Plus, when it comes to its performance level, this gun undoubtedly gives you an effective and efficient level of proper functionality throughout your use time. It assures you not to worry about any performance compromising.

Key Features

  • Low profile designs
  • Speedball gear up scenarios
  • Gamma core technology
  • Innovative batteries and lock u0026amp; load system


  • Ideal for users
  • Easy to handle and carry
  • Brilliant bundle features
  • Spool valve integrated drive train


  • Quite expensive
  • Not readily available in local stores and marts

Final Words:

Isn’t it cool? Indeed it is. Rest, its aluminum elements help lower its handling weight and make it more reliable and easy to carry. Plus, on the other hand, its quick adjustments, sleek setup. And hose minor transfer air system makes this gun more demandable and popular.

2-Planet Eclipse Gtek Reviews (Attractive and Ground Friendly)

Planet Eclipse Gtek
Planet Eclipse Gtek

Planet eclipse gtek reviews, I know you guys must be shocked that what does this review mean as most in fact majority of the peoples love this gun and already order this electronic paintball marker gun online but still if you are the one who is thinking to buy this one need first to know the facts about this marker gun.

So, coming back to the Planet eclipse gtek reviews, this gun is well-known worldwide because of its iconic gamma core drive train. Rest, on the other hand, this gun is also known as by the name of fragile, gentle, and smooth gun marker. The thing that makes this gun, or marker paint most demandable, is its advanced level of loaded features that become the source of attraction and adore the people most towards this gun.

Additionally, its lines like a blade and sharpened tools turn out this gun more prominent.

Key Features

  • Effortless ball sails
  • Minimal barrel rise
  • Quite shot
  • Quick-release bolt mechanism


  • Comfortable handling and Lightweight
  • The pressure operating level is suitable along with Precise firing performance.
  • Its two-piece barrel gives you a feeling like a sniper rifle and is Ideal for tournament marker grade.
  • The forward grip is good, with a Solid level of efficiency


  • Some of its designed pieces are come up with imperfections
  • Not readily available on local markets or shops

Final Words:

High-quality built and composite parts are the main feature that makes it the most reliable gun. Lightweight gun in is the bonus point for all paintball lovers. Almost zero to the non-downside of the gun makes it a ground-friendly marker.

3-Stryker Xr1 Tippmann Paintball Marker (Best Performer)

Stryker Xr1 Tippmann Paintball Marker
Stryker Xr1 Tippmann Paintball Marker

When it comes to this gun or marker, before starting to jot down its main features, pros, and facts, it is not wrong to say that this is undoubtedly one of the finest and most potent electronic guns.

Rest, this gun also comes up under the low-pressure designed spool valve and four different firing modes. But wait, this is not the end; there is much more you have to know about this gun. This gun also gives you the semi-automatic and full automatic firing modes option so that you can choose it according to your burst firing ramping variety output. Isn’t it great? Indeed it is.

Key Features

  • Impressive break beam eye system
  • Powerful boost and anti-chop
  • Adjustable shoulder stock telescoping standardized feature
  • Aesthetic and high level of realism feature


  • Easily host different levels of upgrades
  • Detailed appealing and grade
  • Plenty of adjustment scopes
  • Comes up with accessory rails


  • Quite expensive but has worth to it

Final Words:

This is the go-to choice for those who love and enjoy the consistent level of firing performance, and secondly, on the other hand, its electro-pneumatic marker turns this gun more premium and high octane.

4-Mini Empire Paintball Gs Gun (Lightweight and User-Friendly)

Mini Empire Paintball Gs Gun
Mini Empire Paintball Gs Gun

If you love a swift level of shooting, then I highly recommend you to buy this gun. The best thing about this gun is that it has come up with innovative circuit boards plus its expected firing consistency gives you the best efficiency level.

Apart from this, its standard inline and reliable valve poppet feature make this gun more impressive, but wait; this is not the end, this its impressive design, clamping feed neck and adjustable trigger along with the anti-chop eyes and break beam also helps to make this gun more prominent and enhanced.

Key Features

  • User-friendly adjustments
  • Selective and individual firing modes
  • Rubber-fore grip
  • Advance level of air transfer system that helps to eradicate the air hoses


  • Doesn’t require any detailed or additional maintenance
  • Ranked and known as the first-class marker
  • Provides you with a consistent level of performance
  • Comes up with friendly operations and Lightweight


  • Currently only available on online reputable websites/ stores

Final Words:

The GS markers are the next generation and advanced technology paintball guns. Hi-tech designs and battle-proven system that never fails the shooter. The firm grip, lightweight, and precise targeting with smooth actions enhance the fun in paintball competitions.

5-Syx Empire Paintball Marker (Easy to Use)

Syx Empire Paintball Marker
Syx Empire Paintball Marker

Among the series of so many gun markers, the thing that makes this one unique, demandable and prominent is its maximum level of mobility. You guys know that how important mobility is during the time of shot or firing, so if you are the one who is looking for some practical and advanced level of functionality along with the full mobility feature, then without any asking, I highly recommend you guys to consider/ buy this digital marker.

Apart from this fact, another thing that makes this gun prominent is its low-profile solution that helps and provides you with a friendly hose-free boast design and a sleeker overall build for the perfect functionality.

Rest, on the other hand, its multi-functional board has also come up with the OLED display and a dual navigation interface button for quick and easy-to-use selections.

Key Features

  • Easily removable battery bolts so, there isn’t any need for tools effort
  • Comes up with the firepower for the sake of providing you with a consistent level of operation functionality
  • 7.5-inch control bore


  • Ensure to give you the ideal target hitting
  • Impressive micro boned two-piece barrel systems
  • Easy to upgrade, handle, and maintain


  • Currently only available on Amazon

Final Words:

Isn’t it a great deal for buying? Indeed it is. Despite this, I would like to add this line too in this gun review that, in case you are the one who is new in this electronic maker industry and haven’t any idea that which one is best to use or ideal for beginners then my suggestion for you guys is to buy this one without having any second thought.

6- Axe Paintball Empire Marker Gun (Accurate and Easy to Carry)

Axe Paintball Empire Marker Gun
Axe Paintball Empire Marker Gun

Well, what do you think matters most in the series of features when you are going to buy a paintball marker/ digital gun? The accuracy level as majority of you who are failed to get your desired gun and maximum functionality of operating gun is because you don’t check the accuracy and efficiency level of the gun. Therefore, coming back to the point, if you are the one who wants to buy something relevant and lasting, then this is the best choice for you to pick.

First of all, this gun ensures you to provide you with a high level of consistent performance and accuracy at all times along with the high aluminum barrel grade, improving, carrying weight and effectively designed made material.

Key Features

  • No need to worry about carrying tools during your game as it allows you easy maintenance feature
  • Comes up with an improved and new marker grip and Comfortable handles for your long periods
  • Also offers you a vast range of firing modes.
  • Supported all firing modes included NXL, ramping, PSP, and millennium ramping


  • Semi-automatic
  • Harness free
  • Easy to handle/ carry
  • Lightweight and Comes up with an extended grip frame


  • Expensive

Final Words:

This gun also comes up with the on and off regulator, replacement, and removal straightforward tank, extended, and incredible grip frames. So what else do you want?

7-M2 Dye Paintball Marker (For Both Beginners and Professionals)

M2 Dye Paintball Marker
M2 Dye Paintball Marker

This gun is also known as the eye-catcher marker/ gun. As we have discussed before, the other mentioned above guns, but before ending this rundown, the name of this M2 dye paintball marker is also essential to include as the rundown is incomplete without this gun.

This impressive iconic gun provides you with tons of advanced loaded features; among them, the main features that make this gun unique are its OLED interface, 1-inch prism, advanced level of an operating system, and minimal wiring.

As in most guns, you won’t figure out the minimal wiring; the minimal wiring feature is attractive and reliable. Instead of relying on the wireless connection between the body and frame, it provides practical and smooth functionality. Despite this feature, another feature that makes this gun demandable is its ideal internal pressure sensor and rechargeable battery, along with the USB supportive charging.

Key Features

  • Comes up with the standout feature of joystick controlling
  • Includes ultra-lite barrel backs
  • Gives you a maximum level of performance


  • Primed and precise
  • Easy to use and easy to handle
  • Supportive and manual friendly


  • Not readily available in local stores
  • Quite costly

Final Words:

So, when we talk about the effectiveness, smartness, and proficiency, this gun undoubtedly meets your approximately all desires whether you are a beginner or a professional in both conditions; you can pick this gun as it is beautiful for you to buy.

Buying Guide

The mentioned above are the top 7 gun/markers. After reading the mentioned above detailed reviews, I hope you are pretty clear about which gun is best and what makes these guns unique compared to others. Despite this, only knowing the guns reviews isn’t enough during picking or buying.

There are still some other things, including the additional or further information through which you can clear your other doubts, clear your concepts, as well as educate yourself more about digital guns.

So, let’s move a bit more, take a deep dive into additional information, and reveal it together.

Among the series of numerous above mentioned are the few or you can say the best Digital paintball guns that are demandable, worthy, and lie under the list of most selling Electronic paintball guns.

Another thing that you have to keep in mind is that the mentioned below reviews and rundowns are based on the latest research and demandable facts. Secondly, for the sake of reviews and ratings, I visited reputable online websites comparing the below-mentioned gun’s features to one another before writing this article. Then after reading the facts, people reviews, and ratings, I listed them all accordingly.

How to pick the right gun?

  • There are so many ways to get an idea that the gun you are buying is perfect and meets all the advanced levels of electronic marker gun features. Buying an electronic gun means it provides you with all the compelling electronic features. Hence, the first thing through which you can get an idea that is the gun is the right deal for you to buy or not is the triggering.
  • When you trigger the gun, and it shots effortlessly, or even you feel like you click the mouse, that means the gun is perfect and ideal for buying.
  • The second thing is that the faster it hits your triggering spot/ target, the more reliable and ideal deal.
  • To continue this, the third factor through which you can get an idea about the right choice of electronic gun is the price. If the price of your desired gun is high, it directly indicates that the gun has something unique, that is why it is expensive compared to others, and the uniqueness can be checked easily through its facts and features.

Which type is best?

Well, when it comes to the buying and types, so one thing which you guys have to keep in mind is that there are three types of Digital paintball guns. One is ramping. Ramping means your gun will trigger or hit the shot until you put your finger on the trigger.

Once you remove your finger from the trigger point, the gun will stop hitting the targets. The second one is a three-shot burst. In this, the three pellets will pass when you press the trigger button one time.

Last but not least, the third type of this gun is semi-auto and auto. As by the name of this, you are pretty aware of what it means, but for better clarification, semi-auto or mechanical guns are the guns that are mostly/ widely used but are not ideal for continuous action.

So before buying any gun, makes sure you pick the type as per your desire and then find or buy the gun according to your type.

Weight, Shape, And Durability

Despite the type and other facts and figures, another important thing that also plays an important role is the choice of the right weight, size, and durability. Before buying any gun, make sure that it is comfortable in handling, made up or designed under the assurance of excellent and high-quality material, reliable and gives you a durable warranty, light in weight, and comes up with a lightweight, easy handling/ carrying shape.

As these are the primary key points/ features, you can notice which gun is best to pick/ buy.

Double trigger paintball guns:

This is one of the most common or regular questions, or you can say the confusing fact about the double trigger paintball guns. Are these guns beneficial or not? So, the answer depends on your marker setup and your preference.

If you are a beginner, then avoid double trigger paintball guns as the period of double firing is too short, and there are chances of misfires too. But if you are professional and think you can handle this gun, it all depends on your desire.

Additionally, some tournaments restrict double trigger paintball guns as they think this is irrelevant for specific positions or circumstances.

Reputable Brand Name

Despite this, the name of a well-known and reputable brand is also essential and plays a vital deal during your buying. So my advice is first to do your research homework. It is better first to do your research instead of getting bankrupt. The ideal way is to find out or search out the well-known brand names and then start searching or checking their guns one by one.

Doing this thing will take your time but, in the end, gives you a solid fruitful output through which you can get the reputable or qualitative gun/ marker instead of any local one.


Another point which I would like to add to this detailed buying guide is your expertise. Make sure you are picking the gun as per your expertise level. Never rely on others’ suggestions, recommendations, and choices. Make sure that you are clever enough to judge your expertise level. If you think you are professional, finding, buying, or choosing the gun is not a big deal. Yes, if you are a beginner or even participating in any competition for the first time, assure that your gun is capable enough to meet your desires.

Reviews and Ratings

Additionally, buyers pick the gun most often without any further or previous checking or reviews rating. In the end, they realized that the guy they picked was not as effective and reliable as they were thinking.

This all happened because of the lack of awareness, so, to keep you guys safe from these hurdles, I mentioned above the detailed rundown along with the deep discussion of Best Electronic Paintball Guns in which my main triggering points were which gun is best? How to pick the guns? And a short but best rundown of the Best Electronic Paintball Guns.

Hope after reading the above-mentioned detailed guide, and you are pretty clear about the digital/ marker guns.

Rest; also know that we all have our different likes and dislikes, so the same goes here in this gun/ marker scenario. We all pick the one we think we like or meet our requirements saying that the mentioned below are the same, or approx gives you the similar functionality is wrong. Each gun has come up with its unique features, pros, functionality, and cons as well.

Now it’s up to you which marker/ gun you feel or think is perfect and ideal for you to buy or pick.

So instead of any further detailing, let’s quickly jump towards the final verdict of the best electronic paintball marker and best paintball pistols/guns together.


1-How much does the excellent paintball gun cost?

The cheapest paintball gun is easy to get with a budget of $100. However, if you want a high-end paintball gun, you need to have a budget of $2,000.

2-How far can you shoot a paintball gun?

The most effective range of the paintball gun shoot depends on some factors. These include the type of paintball and the opponen’s material, as you need to know that softer materials stop paintballs from breaking. However, the average shoot range is 80 to 100 feet.

3-Which is the most accurate paintball gun?

Many manufacturers claim to offer the most accurate results of their paintball guns. Tippmann is a well-reputed brand in the market that has the best paintball guns with much accuracy. The Tippmann 98 Custom Platinum Series and  M3+ Paintball Marker are both the best solutions to your challenging paintball hunt.

Final Verdict

After reading the detailed buying guide, I hope you are transparent on picking the suitable digital gun/ marker or the best features you should check and which guns are best to consider.

Rest before ending this, my topmost highly recommended guns among the mentioned above top 7 are the

Despite this, you feel this is not enough, or you want to know more in detail about the guns or anything else specifically related to the gun brands, then feel free to write me down. I would try my level best to counter all your queries and questions.

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