Empire Mini GS Paintball Gun Review 2022

The Mini GS is an excellent paintball marker that’s been designed to be even better than its predecessor. The team at Empire took on the challenge of making this reliable, battle-proven engine more powerful and developed it in collaboration with some top players who know what they’re doing when handling such things. In addition, there are full rubber grip bands around both forearms as well as high-quality steel components for increased durability so you can enjoy playing all day long without worrying about breaking your equipment or getting hurt (or worse).

The Invert Mini GS is an improved version of a mid-level paintball gun, which makes it more accessible to consumers. With its easy maintenance features and ability to match up against high-end markers in terms of accuracy or rate of fire; this weapon will have you dominating the field. This trigger reduces the amount of friction for a more comfortable, smooth pull. It also has an aluminum lever that gives you power over your gun when shooting and reloading without any metal contacting skin which can irritate it.

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Empire Mini GS Paintball Gun Review in Video

Empire Mini GS Paintball Gun Video Review

Features of Empire Mini GS Paintball Gun:

Empire Mini GS Paintball Gun Review

The new Mini GS is protected from water and moisture with an improved rubber seal that prevents chewed-up o-rings! The board’s foregrip housing has also been weatherproofed, protecting your electronics in case of any spills or accidents on the field. And now there are just two screws you need to find—no more hunting around for tools like before because they’ve combined both parts into one design so all we’re left wondering is “where do you start?”

  • All In One: The Empire’s GS .68 Caliber with Maddox’s HPA Starter Kit is perfect for any paintball enthusiast that wants to get into the game but doesn’t have much money. This starter kit includes everything needed, including an upgraded shell and tool-less battery door as well as some extra features like Programmable Motor Speed which can be set at your desired level of power sensitivity or turned off completely.
  • User Friendly: The Empire Mini GS is a fully automatic paintball marker that can shoot up to 325 FPS. The Mini GS Marker comes standard with an OLED display board which allows you to adjust firing modes as well as view battery life and other important information at a glance. This gun also features a brake beam anti-chop system so it will never chop.
  • The Empire Mini GS Paintball Loader is a great choice for players who are looking to upgrade their loader. The Mini GS is extremely quiet, has an easy-to-use battery door, and can feed up to 20 balls per second. It’s also very durable, as it features a steel drive train and an aluminum body. It comes with Rip Drive Technology, which allows the motor to pull the paintballs from the hopper instead of pushing them.
  • The Empire 48/3000 is a high-quality aluminum 3000 Psi bottle with dual burst disks. This tank features an easy-to-use regulator that will not adjust pressure, so it’s good for use in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico! It delivers between 500 – 700 shots per fill, which makes it perfect for any marker out there today because you’ll have consistent velocity all day-higher performance than CO2 tanks plus better accuracy too.
  • Fast and accurate shooting
  • Best beginner marker
  • Simple and easy to maintain
  • Pre-installed battery


  • May need to replace the seals around the bolt


With the vast array of features and benefits that the Mini GS Paintball Marker has to offer, it’s hard not to be impressed. This marker is extremely user-friendly and perfect for any player who wants to up their game. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, the Mini GS is sure to deliver.

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