How To Dress For Paintball

How To Dress For Paintball? – 8 Tips With Pictures

What to wear for paintball varies depending on where you’re playing. For indoor games, it’s more about comfort than anything else because there are air conditioners that keep things cool inside the field. In an outdoor park setting dressed in warmer weather clothes will likely be best – but if it’s hot out then don’t forget some water-resistant sunscreen.

One of the most difficult things about Paintball is trying to find cover and shoot your enemy without getting shot yourself. The danger in this sport comes from all angles, so if you’re going for a hand shot it means theirs will probably be aimed at what’s holding onto their weapon – which could make any injury much worse.

How To Dress For Paintball? – Video Guide

8 Tips For Beginners How To Dress

8 Tips For Beginners How To Dress
8 Tips For Beginners How To Dress

1. Tactical Finger Gloves

Tactical Finger Gloves
Tactical Finger Gloves

For that reason many players choose gloves when they play; not only do these allow them better grip but also protect against painful stings once hit with pellets fired by other teams members too far away or close range. For paintball players, the gloves they wear should provide protection for all of their fingers and joints. Unlike weight lifters’ Model Gloves that have padding on only one side to cushion heavy objects like bars or plates (though these can also be bought without), these rubber-backed type provide full palm coverage from just about anything you might hit it with.

2. Wearing Long Pants:

Wearing Long Pants
Wearing Long Pants

Wearing long pants is important whether you are playing outside or indoors. If it’s an outdoor field, be aware that there could still be hazards like brush which can scratch your legs and give insect bites to name just two possibilities. Wear clothes designed for protection from these types of situations so they don’t get damaged by what might happen during play time. As far as our indoor fields go – we have AstroTurf on them too; this means anything crawling around underneath the surface would potentially cause turf burn if not properly protected against with uncovered skin.

3. Wearing shoes: 

Wearing shoes
Wearing shoes

Wearing shoes for an indoor field can be different from wearing them outside. For example, if you are playing on carpeted surfaces or turf fields with low-cut sporty sneakers is usually fine. In a rugged environment where there’s more walking than running involved then consider hiking boots which will give your ankles some extra support when taking steps across uneven ground. Astro Turf needs special attention during gameplay because these artificial grasses have their own set of rules concerning what kind footwear must contain while playing sports games consistently throughout each season.

4. Camo Coveralls

Camo Coveralls
Camo Coveralls

Camo Coveralls are a great way to hide from the enemy and minimize your own paintball splats. They fit over any clothes you’re wearing for an extra layer of protection, so slip into one before heading out on field duty.

5.Protective visor

Protective visor
Protective visor

When in doubt, protect your eyes. Always wear protective visors when playing paintball. Even if you’re playing indoors, the action of material brushing past your face could cause a jam and that’s one hit. Ensure safety and avoid injuring your eye during play time by selecting goggles to fit comfortably over your prescription glasses as well as offering protection for those who normally don’t wear them.

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6. LightWeight Clothing

Wear LightWeight Clothing
LightWeight Clothing

Wearing the right clothing can help you stay cool and energetic during a paintball game. It’s important to keep in mind that it won’t always be necessary for players to layer up, as long as they are wearing light-duty fabrics like gym shorts or pants. The extra layers might make things uncomfortable – especially if someone has been rolling around on ground and taking commands from their teammates while trying not to get hit by any bullets.

7. Closed & Comfortable Footwear

Wear Closed & Comfortable Footwear for paintball
Closed & Comfortable Footwear

Wearing footwear that is both comfortable and protective will make you feel more at ease on the paintball field. It’s important to wear supportive boots with deep treads or rubber soles so your feet have protection from slips & falls, as well as any wet conditions encountered during gameplay sessions. It’s also wise not to forget how hot these can get after hours spent walking around outside in summertime heat waves. There are many types of sneakers available today- some players prefer wearing lightweight trainers while others might option deadly Wellington Booties depending upon what season we’re having. However, each has its unique benefits making them worth considering before finalizing one option alone.

8. No Jewelry Or Valuable

No Jewelry Or Valuable  during paintballing
No Jewelry Or Valuable

Wearing jewelry or valuables while playing paintball will not only make you feel safer but also keep your game alive. You should never enter a field without first making sure that all the risks have been taken care of, which includes removing any gold chains from around the neck inward if they are worn during gameplay. A high-risk activity such as this one requires proper precautions be taken so it doesn’t hinder anyone’s fun.


How to dress for paintball is something that can vary according to the player’s personal preferences, however it’s always advisable to look out for any health and safety gears explained above before selecting suitable clothing. Thinking ahead of time about what could happen during game play will help keep your clothes clean because you’re already prepared should anything get dirty or sweaty. All the best on the field of happiness and may all your games be safe, fun and fair.

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