How to Fill A Paintball Tank With An Air Compressor

How to Fill A Paintball Tank With An Air Compressor? – 8 Steps

The paintball experience is about more than just shooting at targets, it’s an intense Warzone-like battle that feels like you are really there. For those who want to take their game up another level and not miss out on anything because of low-pressure air tanks or leaks; buy yourself a high-quality professional compressor capable of feeding your gun with all the compressed gas it needs.

Which is Batter to Fill Tank?

Most professional paintball players know that it’s highly recommended to fill your tank with an air compressor instead of using a CO2 tank because you should be aware of the inflation pressure. Other than that, you can get more shots and faster refill time. The downside is that if you do not have a paintball tank air compressor, it can be quite time-consuming and very difficult for you to pump air into your CO2 tank. That’s why we are going to show you how to fill paintball tanks with an air compressor step by step here in this article.

There are two main places where people refill their paintball tanks: the playing field or in a store that sells them.  In case you want to refill your tank at a store, it’s better if they have a paintball air compressor because you’ll save time and effort. The downside of going to a store is that there will be an additional cost which is the fee for refilling your CO2 tank with air. That will be charged by weight or by the number of shots you’ll get.

How to Fill A Paintball Tank With An Air Compressor? – Video Guide

How to Fill A Paintball Tank With An Air Compressor? – Video Guide

Which tank type will give you the most enjoyment in your field?

Well, it depends. If you’re playing in a light situation such as in night games or in dark fields then you can use a CO2 tank because it will give you higher shots per trigger pull and a faster rate of fire. CO2 is a gas that needs to transition from a liquid state and back again with each shot. This can be challenging in extreme environments like hot or cold weather, where paintball is often played. If the tank gets too heated up by direct sunlight for example – there’s also a risk of expansion which could cause structural damage as well.

CO2 has been traditionally seen more so than any other type of compressed air source because it provides greater range when compared against Nitrogen tanks (which are lighter). Moreover, even though they’re engineered differently – both have some common shortcomings depending on what you want out of them; whether it’s shorter distance shooting. However, if you’re playing in day games then  HPA is the best option because it’s more consistent in any weather conditions.

Key Steps To Follow:

InfoGraphics of How to Fill A Paintball Tank With An Air Compressor
InfoGraphics of How to Fill A Paintball Tank With An Air Compressor

1. Find Out Tank PSI

The first thing you’ll need to do is to find out how much pressure your tank can hold.  If you’re not sure about this information, it’s best that you ask the store clerk for advice. 

2. Turn Off Air Compressor

It’s essential that once you start pumping up your tank that you don’t stop in the middle of the process and turn off the air compressor. Doing this can cause negative pressure inside the tank due to the fact that most of them feature a one-way valve.

In order to avoid unwanted accidents – always have your paintball gun on hand so you can shoot it if anything goes wrong.

“If you want to know how to shoot Paintball read this How to Shoot a Paintball Gun

3. Place A Wet Paper Towel In The Tank3.

This is one of the most crucial steps in this process and it’s meant to prevent unwanted materials such as paint or oil from getting into your tank. Once you’ve filled up the CO2 cartridge, place a wet paper towel inside it and leave it for 10 minutes.

4. Start Filling The Tank Slowly

If you’re using an air compressor that features a regulator, it’s best that you set it to 50 PSI and start filling your tank slowly.

5. Watch BOTH Gauges!

With the air compressor set to 50 PSI, slowly start filling your tank and watch both gauges. You don’t want to raise the pressure past 50 PSI because it could damage the regulator and you’ll have to buy a new one. Also, if the pressure is still going up after three minutes then something’s wrong with your paintball CO2 tank and you’ll have to do some troubleshooting.

6. Push-On The Top Of The Tank Once You’re Done Filling It Up

After you’ve finished filling up the paintball CO2 tank all the way up, push on its top then place a rag or any soft material around it. If everything turns out fine, you can try to shoot it to make sure that there are no leaks before taking the tank on the field.

It’s best that you do this process in a garage or an area where there is enough lighting because if anything goes wrong, you don’t want other people to see it. Because once they do – your friends might not want to play with you anymore.

7. Troubleshooting Tips

If the regulator is leaking, tighten all of the screws on it by using an Allen key because there are bound to be some that are loose. You can also try running an O-ring kit through it in order to find

8. Prevent a Hot Fill

It’s a best practice that you don’t let your CO2 tank heat up by placing it in direct sunlight or leaving it inside the car trunk. Doing this will cause expansion and possibly burst your paintball co2 tank which could cause injury to you and others around you.

Final Words

Now I hope you have, everything that you need to know about filling a CO2 tank without making a mistake and damaging your paintball equipment. You’ll now be able to take your brand new tanks on the field and enjoy yourself with others.

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