What Is Paintball

What Is Paintball?

Paintballs are round, made of gelatin, and filled with colored liquid. That’s pretty much it; they’re just little balls that break open when you shoot them so they splat all over the place. No matter what type of paintball you use, they will break. If you want to shoot a guy wearing a green shirt, your paintballs will hit his shirt and then break into all the colors that make up green.

Even if you’re just shooting at the ground, the paintballs still break because they bounce off of stuff. it’s kind of like being in a big pinball machine where everything is trying to kill you.

Also, paintballs are round but they don’t fly straight. They go in arcs so if you shoot one at someone who’s 50 feet away it might look like a straight line but that’s just because the ground is stopping it from going up anymore. After that, gravity takes over and the ball keeps moving towards the ground.

Another thing about paintballs is that they’re not very big. You can’t shoot someone with a paintball and kill them; actually, you can’t even punch someone with a paintball gun and hurt them. They’re really light and mostly just break open when they hit something so if your round hits another guy in the arm, it’ll just break open and splat against his arm.

How To Play:

How To Play Paintball?

What Actually A Paintball Game Is?

The game is all about strategy because each capsule contains water-soluble dye so players must shoot at least one other person with it before dying themselves. Paintball markers shoot the capsules using compressed gas, most commonly carbon dioxide (CO2). When a paintball hits a player, it breaks and leaves a colored mark on the skin. Different rates of speed, spread, and impact can determine the level of pain experienced by the player hit. A paintball is made of a gelatin shell filled with water-soluble dye and corn syrup.

Paintballs come in many different colors like ambush paintball, although it’s very common to find white ones which are called “Ghosts.” You can also usually get them in red or orange if you look around enough.

Is Paintball A Sport?

 Yes, paintball is a sport in which there are several things you’ll need in order to play paintball games. The first one is obvious – a marker or gun. The type of marker usually depends on your budget and what’s available at your local store. They can get pretty damn pricey but you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get into paintball. You can probably borrow or rent most markers, although that depends on your local store.

When playing paintball sport you are required by law in most states to wear some sort of eye protection. This can be goggles, glasses with clear lenses, or a paintball mask. The best option is a paintball mask because they cover your face and you can get them with mouth guards that protect your teeth.

You also need some kind of clothing for protection, such as kneepads, elbow pads, gloves, and maybe even a chest protector depending on what you’re comfortable with. If this is your first time playing paintball, you should probably stick to a simple shirt and pants with socks and sneakers.

You might want a Paintball belt or something to carry extra paintballing pods on – paintball vests are also available for this purpose.

You need a pack to hold your stuff in too. Some stores where you rent gear have paintball packs but they’re usually pretty crappy. You can find better ones at a store or online – a good pack should have a place to hold your marker, room for pods, and possibly other stuff, and it should be durable.

Finally, you’ll need something to put your fun paintball in. The most common thing is a paintball pod which has a sprung lid that snaps closed. Moreover, a paintball hopper is an accessory for your marker that holds more than one ball at once. You can try borrowing or renting things first. If you’re just going to be playing with your friends, you probably only need a marker and maybe some goggles. If you want to join a league, you’ll probably need all the gear listed above as well as a pod pack, jersey or something else with your team’s logo on it, etc.

Paint gun game is also a pretty active sport so you should also be in good shape if you’re going to play it. It’s a lot more fun if you have energy but it could be really frustrating if you’re out of breath or can’t run because your feet hurt.

Where To Play Paintball?

Paintball airsoft fields are usually outdoors and they also vary a lot based on where they are located. If you live in a city, there might not be a paintball field nearby. if you live near a very populated area, finding a good field can be tough. The best fields are usually at least one hour away from the most populated areas because most people don’t want to drive that far to play.

There are also indoor paintball arenas that aren’t open all year round but they’re still pretty fun. And if you’re just starting out they’re probably more accessible than outdoor fields because most beginners don’t want to go that far for their first time. Moreover, they usually have ball holders or something along those lines so you don’t need a pod pack unless you want to carry paintballs with your hands.

How Much Does It Cost?

Paintball is affordable although it depends on your local store. Usually, indoor paintball arenas are cheaper than outdoor fields but that all depends on what they offer and how much the prices are.

If you’re just starting out, indoor paintballs can be pretty cheap like $5 per game or less and most places include air (CO2) with the price of admission. On the other hand, outdoor fields can range from $15 to $45 depending on what they offer and how much it costs.

How To Load Your Paintball Marker?

First, remove the barrel from your marker if you have one – this is probably one of the hardest things about paintballs because there are so many different types of markers on the market. You usually unscrew it but sometimes you push a button and pull it out; there are also markers where you turn a little marker to take the barrel off.

Once the barrel is off, put your hopper (the thing that holds your paintballs) on top of your marker; screw it in tightly but not too tight because you don’t want to break anything. If the hopper has a lid, close it and pull the handle down so the paintballs come out.

If you have a gravity feed hopper (like a VL200) then just push it on your marker and turn the handle to take off the lid.

How Much CO2 Or Compressed Air Do You Need?

This depends on how many paintballs you shoot per minute. If you’re on the field less than an hour then one 12-gram CO2 or N2 tank will usually do for four people – but if you go longer than that, you might need a second tank.

If you play in an indoor arena then there’s probably compressed air already available so just ask someone and they can hook you up.

When Do You Change CO2 Cylinders?

Most markers take a 12-gram cylinder but some bigger or older models use 15- or 20-gram cylinders. if that’s the case then just ask someone working there and they should know what size your marker takes. When it gets down to one bar of pressure left, you usually need to change it.

Does Paintball Hurt?

Does Paintball Hurt?

It hurts but not very much. The worst part is the paint, it gets all over your clothes and in your hair so make sure you have a rag or towel to wipe yourself off with afterward. If you’re wearing glasses then they’ll definitely get paint splattered on them but you can usually wipe it off without much trouble.

How To Tell When Your Paintballs Are Low?

The balls will start getting really light before they stop breaking. This is when you should reload so you don’t run out at the wrong time. Also, if your marker’s velocity is only 200 feet per second then you’re probably running out of paintballs.

How To Cope with Different Conditions?

The wind is the hardest thing for new paintball players because it blows your balls around so much that they won’t break when they hit anything. You just have to wait for a good shot. Rain and snow can also make things difficult; if it’s raining then you probably shouldn’t be playing because the paintballs will break as soon as they hit the ground.

As for snow, it can make a mess of your clothes and equipment but it doesn’t really affect the game that much. Fog is actually good for games because it’s harder for people to see so they might miss when they shoot at you.

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