Where Can I Sell My Paintball Gun

Where Can I Sell My Paintball Gun?

Selling used paintball equipment is easy. All you have to do is find the best buyer for your gun and get in contact with them. You can use tools like StoreFront to find out where your closest sporting goods store is located.

If you want to sell your paintball gun, we hope that it is because you just bought a new one and don’t need this one anymore. However, there are times when people may need to sell their paintball guns for any number of reasons. Most commonly the reason behind selling a paintball gun is because they have broken or otherwise need to be replaced for one reason or another. If you need to sell your paintball gun there are a few different options that can be used to find a buyer and get the best price possible.

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9 Places to Sell Your Paintball Gun

  1. Sell Online
  2. Paintball Gear Exchange Websites
  3. Sell Locally
  4. Trade for Other Equipment
  5. Sell Your Paintball Gun on eBay
  6. Online paintball Websites That Are Part Of A Larger Marketplace (Craigslist)
  7. Oodle Marketplace
  8. Backpage
  9. Facebook Marketplace

Let me tell you how to sell:

Sell Online:

If you live in an area where there aren’t any local options for selling your paintball equipment, the internet might be the best option. There are a number of websites that advertise as places for buying and selling used paintball equipment. Many of these sites have some form of protection in place so people don’t get ripped off or scammed, however, it is important to be careful when using any internet site for transactions like this one. The craigslist classifieds can also be a good place to find buyers and these sites tend to be locally based so you can find people in your area.

Paintball Gear Exchange Websites:

There are several websites out there where people go to buy and sell used paintball equipment such as paintball gear exchange websites. These websites are created by people who love paintball and want to connect players with gear to those who are looking for that specific item. Many of these sites also have a forum section where you can post when you have items that need to be sold or when you need items yourself. It is best if you decide on a good username because this will be used when you post. The best part about these sites is that they are free to use and the only cost associated with them will be if someone actually buys your item or not.

Sell Locally:

If you live in an area that has many options for buying and selling used paintball equipment, they usually will all be found locally. This is the most common method of finding someone who is looking to buy used paintball guns. Putting up fliers around town with your phone number and asking people who come into the store are good ways to find local buyers. You can also ask other players at the paintball field or other local sports stores if they know anyone looking for a particular model of paintball gun that you have.

Trade for Other Equipment:

If you can’t find anyone who is looking to buy your paintball gun online and locally, the best option may be to trade it for another piece of equipment. Some stores that sell used paintball equipment will not give cash for them but will instead offer store credit to purchase other items in the store at a discount price.

Sell Your Paintball Gun on eBay:

Another option that is commonly used to sell paintball guns is eBay. There are many types of items that can be sold on eBay, but this method has become very popular with selling used paintball equipment in recent years. This website has a large number of users and provides an effective way to sell items to a large number of people at once. Although you do have to pay a fee if you use the eBay website, this shouldn’t be a big deal for selling paintball guns as they are fairly inexpensive and shouldn’t make much of a difference in the final price.


Craigslist is one of the most popular websites for selling paintball locally. It includes a lot of different categories and subcategories so you can be very specific about what you are selling. However, it is also very popular for scams and Craigslist users should be careful about meeting up with buyers they haven’t met before.

Oodle Marketplace:

 This is another website that is free to use and includes a large number of paintball listings in the United States. It’s slightly easier to search than Craigslist, but it is much more difficult to navigate the listings.


Backpage has an active user base and includes a large number of different categories for selling paintball. However, you have to pay a fee if you want your paintball ad listed for more than 3 days in a row.

Facebook Marketplace:

Facebook can be a great place to sell your paintball, but it can also be difficult to search through the listings. They include different categories for your convenience and you can also choose the location where you are selling your items. You pay by using Facebook credit or PayPal, which allows buyers to contact you via Facebook Messenger.

Pricing Your paintball Correctly To Attract Local Buyers

The price point you set for your paintball is very important. While it’s true that some people are willing to pay more than an item is worth to have the convenience of not having to search for another option, setting a higher price point will usually mean that nobody responds to your ad or offers to buy your product. Instead of focusing on what you paid for the item, try to think about what it would be worth to a person who is looking for paintball like yours.

When you take a photo of the item paintball you want to sell, you should try to take it from multiple angles so that people can see all sides of the product. You should also consider taking a short video of the paintball in action, if possible.

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